We cannot WAIT to celebrate with you, our beloved family and friends! So, the action takes place MAY 27th at 3:33 PM and there are a few details that will help make the day at NESTLDOWN much more pleasant for our guests:

1) The event will take place mostly outdoors -- please bring layers! The ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner will be in shaded areas, so a sweater or light jacket may be useful. Dancing and other merriment will be indoors after dinner.

2) We will enjoy a lovely walk through the forest before arriving at the ceremony site, some of which will be over dirt paths and on grass (so ladies may want to reconsider wearing tall heels)! Comfortable shoes are recommended. For those who require assistance, we will provide transportation down and back from the parking lot to the site.

3) If you can carpool, please do! A limited amount of parking will be available at the site-so please arrive early!

4) The entrance to Nestldown, we have been told, can sometimes be elusive to guests! We would recommend leaving a little extra time to find the spot just in case it decides to play hide ‘n seek with you. It will also take about five to ten extra minutes to walk to the ceremony site from the parking lot-we apologize for the forced exercise!

5) When you RSVP, please do not forget to include any dietary requirements you may have so we can better inform the caterers. These "requirements" should include any food allergies, whether you are a vegetarian or vegan, etc. Also, make sure to indicate to whom (if there are more than one guest) the requirement(s) applies. Thank you for your help on that!


Note, we are not providing an address for you because GPS and Google Maps will absolutely lead you astray. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please follow these instructions to get to our wedding!

From the SF Bay area:

Take Hwy 17 South towards Santa Cruz, exit at the Summit Road exit.

Off the exit, make a right and cross back over the freeway and go left at the
stop sign to Summit Road East.

Go about 1 mile and then take a left onto Old Santa Cruz Hwy. (keep your
eyes open as there is no stop sign) Despite the name, this is not actually a Highway, it's just a street.

Go about 0.6 miles and look for the group of 4 green mailboxes off to the right
side of the road.

You have found it!

Continue to drive down the long driveway to the left of the mailboxes and you
will come to a gated parking area.

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