Friday, May 6, 2011

You may now turn on your electronic devices

Before getting to the story of our first date, I would like to make a special shout out to the iPhone for its role in Kim and I becoming an item.

As Kim mentioned, one of the key conversations with respect to her decision to come to San Francisco came via text message. Here's a little secret -- before I met Kim, I never really texted. Sure, I knew of its existence, but I could never see the point of typing out 22424633942334235 just to send a simple message to someone. However, I got the fun new toy, the iPhone, just
weeks before meeting Kim in January of 2008. And since texting was her preferred mode of communication, and certainly was way less committal than phone dates, it was the perfect medium for our budding relationship. I can remember the excitement I'd have when I heard that little "ding" on my phone, knowing that she had another quip for me during the day.

Anyway, it was time for our first date! We were well into February now and I was planning another trip to Boston for work (I would plan more and more trips to Boston over the coming months, obviously!). I told Kim that she should plan this particular date -- that we could do anything she liked. So she orchestrated (pun intended) the most wonderful evening for us. She knew that I liked fine dining so she found a restaurant called Sibling Rivalry in which two chefs (brothers) prepare meals with a special ingredient of the night and people can come and try each version to determine which they like the best.

Then, she surprised me with tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We spent an hour and a half listening to beautiful classical music (I'm sure she was bored to tears but I enjoyed it a ton).

And then, we went to this place, called Top of the Hub, on the 42nd floor of the Prudential Building. The views were amazing (as was the cover charge for what was supposed to be just a dessert date). Due to the minimum charge, we ended up having a couple of glasses of port as well as dessert. The port and one of the desserts were not so memorable, but the the other dessert was so delicious that we've decided to pay tribute to it at the wedding, so we will tell you that part of the story then!

This night was so fun that the Top of the Hub was one of our favorite spots from then on (though we were known to simply sit at the bar instead of a table to enjoy our dessert sans cover charge).

Our first official date was coming to a close, when as promised (or warned), I gave her a kiss. Or maybe it was two or three...

We were well on our way. The only problem was, of course, that she lived in Boston and I lived in San Francisco and she was very busy in grad school and I was very busy with a startup. How would we ever find the time to see each other enough to really connect?


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