Frequently asked questions about our wedding!

(1) What is up with this website's name? Destination Forever? Really? Could you be any cheesier?

So here's the thing. When we got engaged, we were really excited. Really. Of course, we're still really excited, but back then, our excitement showed itself in somewhat spontaneous, not so well thought out ways. For example, one night, when we were brainstorming ideas for themes for our wedding, we talked about how much we traveled to see each other. Ben thought, "Ooh, let's have a wedding website called Destination Forever." And before Kim talked him down from this silly idea, GoDaddy.com already had claimed our 40 dollars and the website was ours for the next year.

Of course, Ben was not the only one who got excited about certain potential themes for the wedding. Ask Kim about the number of used globes that were accidentally purchased in anticipation of our special day for another story of spontaneous wedding planning.

(2) You didn't really travel 1000 hours in the last few years to see each other did you?

Yes, we really did! With Kim living in India for 18 months of our relationship and Ben being pseudo-employed since the middle of '09, we spent lots of time in planes, trains, automobiles, and rickshaws simply to be able to see each other.

(3) Where's the wedding?

See the Venue page.

(4) Where should I fly into and where should I stay?

See the Travel page.

(5) Will the ceremony be indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor. See the Venue page for more details.

(6) What will the weather be like?

If either of us were meteorologists, we'd venture a guess. Hopefully nice.

(7) What if it rains?

I guess then we'll get wet!

(8) What time should I arrive?

Please aim to be at Nestldown by 3pm. Don't forget to factor in pre-rush hour traffic on a holiday weekend. Plus, there's a bit of a walk from where you park to where the ceremony will be held.

(9) Where are you registered?

Option 1: Give to charity in lieu of a present!

Kim and Ben's "Better than a blender" fundraiser. We're hoping to raise 10,000 dollars by our wedding day and will match every dollar you give until we reach that goal. And remember, unlike a traditional gift, this gift may be tax deductible!

Note: If you would prefer to donate via check rather than credit card, make your check out to Opportunity International and on the memo line, put "Better than a Blender Fundraiser." Bring your check to the wedding and we'll have envelopes for you there. If you happen to forget your check when coming to the wedding, no worries, simply mail it to:

c/o Kim Whittaker
20622 Cheryl Dr.
Cupertino, CA 95014

and we will make sure to get it to Opportunity.

Option 2: For a more traditional gift, see one of these places:

Williams Sonoma

Crate and Barrel

Bed Bath and Beyond

(10) Your reply cards from the invitations made it seem as though you expect this wedding to be, and I quote, "the most fun wedding ever." How can you expect to back up this claim?

We're really quite glad you asked this question. First, it certainly will be the most fun wedding ever...for us. Second, you'll note that in the reply card, the only reference to "most fun wedding ever" is for those who "regretfully cannot be a part of..." From a logical perspective, if there is a wedding that has ever existed or ever will exist that is actually the most fun wedding ever and our wedding happens to not be it, it seems pretty unlikely, given the number of weddings in the history of humanity, that anyone on our guest list would also be invited to that "most fun wedding ever." Hence the statement " regretfully cannot be a part of the most fun wedding ever" is almost certainly true even if our wedding isn't the most fun wedding ever. Therefore, we are happy to stand by the claim made in our reply card. Make sense? Good.

(11) Speaking of strange things I noticed from your invitation, why does your wedding start at 3:33 in the afternoon?

There are many reasons that we picked this time. Here's the first:

Because sometimes people are late (you know who you are!).

Ok, here's the second and third (and real) reasons:

Since we started this FAQ, we’ve had some interesting guesses ... but: Ben, being the numbers guy that he is (I, Kim, am shaking my fist in jealousy) realized one day that the date we had selected included all the initial prime numbers, except for 3: 5, 2, 7, 11 (huh, who’d a realized? Ha). So, he excitedly suggested we start at 3:33 to get that missing number in the line up. When I actually agreed to it, however, he was shocked. What he hadn’t realized was that 333 W. Poplar Avenue in San Mateo was my Grandparents' home, the home where my Dad and uncles grew up and where I spent many, many happy childhood memories. In fact, Nestldown was my ideal spot for a wedding because it had reminded me so much of 333 W. Poplar. Hence, the exact time of our wedding, as several of you have guessed, is not only an ode to the mathematicians on the guest list, but also to my late Grandpa Tom and Grandma Ruie Whittaker.

(12) How do I get to your wedding?

See the Venue page at the bottom for directions.

(13) My question isn't answered above. What should I do???

Email us at bchelf@gmail.com.